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Market Intelligence

perform in-depth market research and analysis to help guide market entry strategy and decision making.

Market Entry Strategy

develop and execute a market entry strategy that works best for your business and the target market you want to enter.

Site Selection

assist in selecting the most appropriate location for your international expansion project, office or operations

Company Formation

establishing a legal entity, setting up a local office, identify the best locations and assistance hiring local talents.

Business Development

identification of potential customers, creating new contacts, searching for distribution channels and partners

Marketing & Promotion

providing ongoing marketing communications and public relations support to help strengthen your company's brand and positioning.



USD 1,157,000,000,000

Annual Trade Import to ASIAN

Some Thoughts

- 59% of the world's population
- 5% growth projection in 2016 in developing Asian economies
- 49% of the world's internet users in 2016
- 50% of global mobile subscribers in 2016
- Enterprise software revenue growth of 10% in 2016.



Flying to and from Asia costs time and money and critically, it distracts you from core business at home. It also delivers, at best, average results and ROI.

Teleconference and collaboration tools are great but do you really know what happens next when you hang up the phone?

Stepping Stone Asia comprises local and western sales, marketing, consulting and administrative professionals with a wealth of commercial experience in the region and vital knowledge of local culture and business practices. If you are planning to expand into Asia, we offer a broad range of market entry services designed to help you every step of the way. Dependent on your type of business, we'll match you with our team and work hard to fully understand your needs and goals. We'll also work on getting to know you. Please explore our site and contact us for an informal chat to learn more.


Estimated B2C E-commerce Sales in Asia (In Billions)


Spending on advertising (In Billions)


Spend on Mobile Phones (In Billions)


Tourist arrival in 2016 (In Millions)

Market Entry Asia Services


Features & Benefits

Stepping Stone Asia works with you as a trusted and seamless extension of your team - we offer your customers and prospects the assurance of a local presence, critical to long-term success in Asia. Our working model and mutual success is founded on shared values, establishing a deep understanding of your business, and agreed targets and deliverables. Our offering includes:

  • Market study / assessment
  • Lead generation / business development
  • Telesales and meeting generation
  • Local office services and points of presence in key regional business hubs
  • Channel management
  • Partnership development
  • Ongoing performance management
  • Technical sales representation
  • Project management and implementation
  • Client training and knowledge transfer
  • Recruitment of local staff
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Trade show resourcing
  • Localisation (text, software, voice, video)
  • Interim representation / resourcing prior to market entry by your company

Grow your international business with Stepping Stone Asia and:

  • Differentiate your company in the global market place
  • Instantly increase your global presence
  • Reduce time to market / accelerate revenue generation
  • Rapidly identify winning partnerships and primary customer targets
  • Give clients and prospects the assurance of local presence and support
  • Eliminate disruption of core business activities at home
  • Eliminate the need to hire full time staff
  • Reduce cost of deploying in-house sales and technical support staff overseas
  • Save time spent by senior management travelling to and from the region
  • Gain a stepping stone to Asia prior to establishing a direct presence
  • Gain access to unparalleled experience working for and managing businesses in Asia


Australia - China - Hong Kong - India - Indonesia - Japan - Malaysia - New Zealand - Philippines - Singapore - Thailand - Vietnam

Frequently Asked Questions

Each of Stepping Stone's client engagements is unique. Based on your goals and requirements, we'll structure a team and resources to enable rapid success. Our services range from lead qualification, interfacing with potential clients, telesales campaigns, virtual office set up in a regional hub or assistance with partner selection through to full development and execution of a target-driven go-to-market strategy. One-off engagements include recruitment, interim management pending a local hire, project facilitation, campaign management or localization of your product or marketing literature. In parallel, we'll be supporting you every step of the way with local knowledge and advice (legalities, effective business practices, best trade shows etc) that delivers maximum return on your investment and speed to market. Whether you're simply looking for a man on the ground for occasional in-country contact or a complete regional launch, we'll work with you to make it happen.

Industry knowledge is definitely an asset but more important is the ability to understand your business quickly and accurately and combine that understanding with our regional know-how. We’ll meet with you or schedule a series of calls when we’ll listen and interview you on every facet of your business until we're both sure we can serve you effectively on agreed deliverables. That also means ensuring that a good chemistry exists and shared set of values. We’ll even send you resumes of your assigned team. And if we can’t help, we’ll tell you right away. Contact us for a preliminary chat – there’s nothing to lose

Stepping Stone has a particular focus on the technology sector in Asia which represents one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Our executive background, resources and partner network are strongly geared for accelerating speed to market for companies of all types in this sphere. However, our broad range of services coupled with local contacts and know-how are designed to support market development and start-up in just about any vertical.

Regardless of the type of engagement, Stepping Stone will agree with you targets and deliverables and the mechanisms for ongoing communication and measurement. From the outset, we'll ensure we share the same expectations. We're fully accustomed to working to agreed revenue targets and outcomes and keeping you constantly updated via daily or weekly calls and regular reporting.

Where implementation or project management are involved, we have access to a wide group of regional resources able to quickly respond to client requests and requirements. This includes vendors in areas ranging from outsourced software development or call centres to event management. Our own team will work towards a level of knowledge of your business to enable first level support on customer issues or even to the point of conducting training or knowledge transfer on your behalf.

If you're in any mainstream industry (IT, manufacturing, energy etc), there's a good chance we can help. If we can't help you directly, we can at least offer sound, actionable advice on where to start including possible partnerships in the right area. Don't get your feet wet - call Stepping Stone and we'll ensure you take the right steps towards a successful launch in Asia.

You may already have partnerships in place or even a local presence in certain country markets. Stepping Stone can complement existing effort and investment by following up and qualifying sales leads, objectively vetting existing partners, providing additional geographical coverage or on-demand resource for specific activities or campaigns including exhibitions or telesales.

Stepping Stone Asia

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